Three Ways the Biggest Loser Can Help You

Lots of people know about the TV show the Biggest Loser.

The Biggest Loser

Its pretty much a caricature of weight loss. You get these morbidly obese people (hey, its a medical term people!) and these over the top trainers, the participants get grueling workouts that last hours and hours. Its pretty much an exaggeration of what any normal person would look like or go through.

So what could you actually learn from this show? I mean there are a few good reasons to watch, even if you’re not learning anything…

Nice to Watch … Probably Mute it Though

Here’s 3 things that can help you with your weight loss efforts without celebrity trainers, hundreds of pounds to lose, and hours in the gym each day:

Diet Can’t Be Ignored

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show, but these guys who drop 10lbs regularly each week will sometimes go off the deep end and dive into some junk food. I mean, these guys go to town!

They will still absolutely kill themselves working hard each and every day and come weigh in, they will have barely lost anything or even gained weight! After a full week packed with long workouts each day.

You can’t outwork a crappy diet, even with Jillian Michaels screaming obscenities in your face!

Even for a Biggest Loser, Fat Loss Is Not Linear

Most everyone that goes on the Biggest Loser has at least 100lbs to lose and with that amount of excess fat on their body it should mean that they are dropping quite a bit of weight week in and week out.

Sometimes despite all of their efforts exercising each day and eating right they still don’t drop the amount of weight that they expect.

This is because your body has more going on then calories in and calories out. Go ask someone with a thyroid disorder if its always that easy. Hormones and other factors play a big part in weight loss and you can’t count on a steady number each week.

You Can Work Harder Than You Think

One thing that always strikes me about that show is that the contestants, who are about 4 weeks removed from being completely sedentary, are working to the point of collapse doing things that some people I know would quit on!

How Bad Do You Want It?

This is a testament to how much they want to achieve their goals and how much harder they can work than they ever thought going into their experience on the show.

If you can put these three lessons to work in your fat loss efforts then the over-the-top Biggest Loser can relate some important information that can make the different and really help you achieve your goals. You can also check out our own Darien version of the Biggest Loser that we held.