Reverse Hair Loss

5 Natural Remedies to Prevent or Reverse Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the major problems faced by both men and women these days. Loss of hair is also among the many dilemmas related to bad health conditions and absurd eating habits. However, it is quite embarrassing and even disheartening when it comes to nearly-bald or bald scalp. To fight with this loss, many people are now finding the effective ways to eradicate it.

Reverse Hair Loss

Nowadays, several health-care and personal-care products are available in the market for prevention of hair loss; but most of them are artificially created with harmful ingredients that are not effectual in attaining any benefits in hair loss. Although natural therapies and natural hair products are slightly slow in showing the desired results, the natural properties of these remedies are good for your scalp as well as health.

Here are 5 natural remedies that can prevent or even reverse hair loss:

1. Head Massage

It is basically a scalp massage that helps in stimulating the flow of blood to the head thus assisting in growth of hair. Hair fall is usually due to inadequate supply of nutrients and less flow of blood to the scalp. Once a day scalp massage in either morning or night with hair oil is extremely effective in preventing hair loss.

2. Inverted Body Exercise

This exercise involves standing on head for at least 5 minutes. This inversion allows the blood to flow smoothly to the head that helps in reversing and preventing hair loss.

3. Balanced Diet

Diet plays a vital role in any kind of health or beauty disorder. Hair loss also has a very strong connection with diet. Consuming proper and balanced diet including all vitamins, proteins and minerals will greatly diminish the chances of hair loss. Fish, milk, meat, vegetables and fruits are some of the good foods that highly contribute to the growth of hair.

4. Stay Away from Toxic Foods and Drinks

Alcohol and tobacco are the major suppliers of toxic substances to your body. So, avoid them completely while treating your hair loss disorder. Avoid processed foods as well in order to get benefit in hair loss.

5. Stress Management

Tension and stress are considered the major causes of hair loss. Stress forces your scalp muscles to contract, thus stopping the smooth flow of blood to scalp and leading to hair loss. Therefore, it is extremely essential to perform some stress management techniques in order to relax your scalp muscles. Stress can be effectually managed through yoga and leisure activities that can make your mind fresh and rejuvenated.

In case you wish to get fast results in preventing and reversing hair loss, then try to perform all these 5 remedies; may be for limited interval of time. The effective use of these remedies can prove highly beneficial in treating hair loss dilemma.