First Aid Kit

10 Essential Things in “First Aid Kit” at Home

In our day to day life, we all face numerous hazards inside and outside the house regularly. There may be a slip from the stairs or a cut on the fingers, a shock from any of the electrical fittings which might be defective or any kind of accidents on the road. Accidents might lead to acute or severe injuries. For severe injuries we should refer to a doctor. But for small or acute problems we can have treatment at home like we can use dettol or band-aid to cure that.

First Aid Kit

To handle such minor and somber problems of life you must be aware of first aid which means how to use and provide first aid service during emergency situations of life which can occur to anyone anytime. To avoid major complications one must be aware about few small but important things related to first aid. At times, Small things can save a life which is priceless.

First aid is the instant and momentary care given to the injured party of an accident or unexpected sickness. Its purpose is to protect life, assist recovery and handle the situation until some professional help can be taken. Life is much unexpected and to deal it with care one has to be prepared in advance.

The first aid box is generally found in almost all public places such as buses, companies, restaurants as well as at every home where some educated and sensible people reside. One must be aware about the vital importance of the first aid box. Life of someone cannot be bought from some place as life is invaluable.

One should check on constant basis the expiry of various medicines. Timely checking of medicines is very crucial because at the time of pain patient might not have patience or time to check the expiry of the same. We should keep these away from the reach of the children. All the medicines should be properly labeled as well.

What Important Things Should Be There in the First Aid Kit?

One can buy a readymade kit from the market or can also prepare it with the following things which are readily available in the market.

  1. Bandages of normal cuts as well as bleeding (can be used to control the situation for the time being)
  2. Antiseptic lotion
  3. Antiseptic wipes should be there
  4. Cotton wool for cleaning cuts as well one can use them instead of using hands
  5. Safety pins
  6. Germ-free eye dressings with bandage attached for various kind of eye injuries.
  7. Many medicine like Aspirin which are anti fever medicines
  8. Anti histamine creams
  9. Tweezers
  10. Bandages for finger injuries
  11. Thermometer
  12. Eye tone should be there
  13. Fever medicines should be there
  14. Cough syrups should be there
  15. A box to keep all the things at one place
  16. One should have a complete list of emergency phone numbers as well
  17. Anti allergic medicines should be kept in the box
  18. Antiseptic ointments
  19. Pain Relievers
  20. Scissor and Tape

What You Can Do in Case of a Burn to Anyone Near You:

First of all one should cool the burn as soon as possible with cold running water for a minimum of 10 minutes or until the pain is relieved.

While cooling the burn you should try to carefully remove any clothing or jewellery near the burned part of the body.

Keep the person warm for that one can use layers of clothing or any blanket.

Cover the burn with a clean plastic strip if the burn is on a hand or foot but never wrap the burn to avoid swelling at that part.

Do not put any kind of creams or lotions on the burned body part.

Victim can raise the limb to reduce the swelling and offer pain relief medicines.

What to Do in Case of Choking:

Support or you can encourage the person to continue coughing to try to clear the blockage.

Then you must Carefully remove any apparent obstacle from the mouth using your first two fingers and as well as thumb.

These are some of the essential things in your “First Aid Kit” at home. Always make sure that none of above listed thing is missing or about to end.