Common Workout Mistakes to Avoid

Each day, countless new people set foot in a gym for the very first time. Initially, the gym can seem like an intimidating place, especially if you don’t have a trainer to help you out. It’s not surprising then that a lot of people make mistakes when they’re new to the gym. In fact, even people who have been working out regularly can fall prey to a number of bad training techniques. These are dangerous as they hamper your results, demotivate you, and can even lead to injury. Below we’ve compiled some of the most common workout mistakes and how you should avoid them.

Lifting Envy

We’ve all been in this situation before. We’re about to perform a traditional strength exercise, and someone bigger and more experienced than us has just lifted a heavy weight. We know deep down that we aren’t ready to lift yet but try anyway. This is quite a common problem even for more experienced lifters. Not only is it dangerous as you could strain your muscles and lead to a severe injury but it could also derail your progress.

Not Warming Up

Whether you’re lifting light weights or just doing cardio, a warm up is essential to ensure you don’t hurt yourself. A proper warm up sends blood to the muscles you’re looking at targeting. This allows them to be more flexible and prepares them for the stresses of a heavy workout. A quick five-minute warm up is more than adequate. You should also perform one or two warmup sets with little to no weight before getting into your working sets.

Not Pushing Yourself

The reason weights stimulate growth in muscles is because they put your body under a lot of stress. Muscles are essentially torn apart, and when supplied with enough protein, your body fuses muscles strands together. This is what makes them stronger and more durable than before. To do that, you have to put your muscles under enough stress. There are plenty of people that don’t push themselves enough and end up disappointed with the rewards. Ideally, every workout should lead to progress. Even if that progress is a slight weight increase or a slightly longer duration.

Over Working

Some people can go to the other extreme of pushing themselves too hard. Unless you’re a professional athlete or are training for a competition, there’s no need to train for a few hours every day. For most people, working out four to five days a week for up to an hour will ensure you’re on track to achieving your goals.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Perhaps the biggest and most common mistake that people make are setting goals that are too lofty to be reached in a short span of time. Building a good body and getting fitter takes time and dedication combined with consistency. While they set unrealistic expectations, disappointment follows when they do not follow a schedule.

We are motivated by a number of reasons to workout. While our interests may differ, we all have a single focus, to improve ourselves with each passing day. Make sure to avoid these common workout mistakes and you will be sure to reach your goal.

10 Essential Things in “First Aid Kit” at Home

In our day to day life, we all face numerous hazards inside and outside the house regularly. There may be a slip from the stairs or a cut on the fingers, a shock from any of the electrical fittings which might be defective or any kind of accidents on the road. Accidents might lead to acute or severe injuries. For severe injuries we should refer to a doctor. But for small or acute problems we can have treatment at home like we can use dettol or band-aid to cure that.

First Aid Kit

To handle such minor and somber problems of life you must be aware of first aid which means how to use and provide first aid service during emergency situations of life which can occur to anyone anytime. To avoid major complications one must be aware about few small but important things related to first aid. At times, Small things can save a life which is priceless.

First aid is the instant and momentary care given to the injured party of an accident or unexpected sickness. Its purpose is to protect life, assist recovery and handle the situation until some professional help can be taken. Life is much unexpected and to deal it with care one has to be prepared in advance.

The first aid box is generally found in almost all public places such as buses, companies, restaurants as well as at every home where some educated and sensible people reside. One must be aware about the vital importance of the first aid box. Life of someone cannot be bought from some place as life is invaluable.

One should check on constant basis the expiry of various medicines. Timely checking of medicines is very crucial because at the time of pain patient might not have patience or time to check the expiry of the same. We should keep these away from the reach of the children. All the medicines should be properly labeled as well.

What Important Things Should Be There in the First Aid Kit?

One can buy a readymade kit from the market or can also prepare it with the following things which are readily available in the market.

  1. Bandages of normal cuts as well as bleeding (can be used to control the situation for the time being)
  2. Antiseptic lotion
  3. Antiseptic wipes should be there
  4. Cotton wool for cleaning cuts as well one can use them instead of using hands
  5. Safety pins
  6. Germ-free eye dressings with bandage attached for various kind of eye injuries.
  7. Many medicine like Aspirin which are anti fever medicines
  8. Anti histamine creams
  9. Tweezers
  10. Bandages for finger injuries
  11. Thermometer
  12. Eye tone should be there
  13. Fever medicines should be there
  14. Cough syrups should be there
  15. A box to keep all the things at one place
  16. One should have a complete list of emergency phone numbers as well
  17. Anti allergic medicines should be kept in the box
  18. Antiseptic ointments
  19. Pain Relievers
  20. Scissor and Tape

What You Can Do in Case of a Burn to Anyone Near You:

First of all one should cool the burn as soon as possible with cold running water for a minimum of 10 minutes or until the pain is relieved.

While cooling the burn you should try to carefully remove any clothing or jewellery near the burned part of the body.

Keep the person warm for that one can use layers of clothing or any blanket.

Cover the burn with a clean plastic strip if the burn is on a hand or foot but never wrap the burn to avoid swelling at that part.

Do not put any kind of creams or lotions on the burned body part.

Victim can raise the limb to reduce the swelling and offer pain relief medicines.

What to Do in Case of Choking:

Support or you can encourage the person to continue coughing to try to clear the blockage.

Then you must Carefully remove any apparent obstacle from the mouth using your first two fingers and as well as thumb.

These are some of the essential things in your “First Aid Kit” at home. Always make sure that none of above listed thing is missing or about to end.

How To Lose Weight Without Joining A Gym?

Almost all health experts recommend workout and dieting for reducing weight. This combination, if followed correctly, shows wonderful results in losing weight and maintaining it for long time. But it is not necessary that you have to join the gym as your workout solution. Gym memberships are quite expensive these days. Many times the gym timings do not fit in your schedule.Luckily, many studies have proven that changes in your daily diet are more effective for weight loss, as compared to exercise. Moreover, there are plenty of workout options which can be chosen as an alternative to the gym. So it is a better option not to join the gym and performing some minor dietary changes for losing weight.

Here Are Some Tips for Losing Weight Without Hitting the Gym

1. Eat healthy breakfast containing protein and fibre

Having breakfast is something which is specifically taken care of, in the process of weight loss. Various health studies have proven that eating a breakfast rich in protein and fibre regularly can eliminate your hunger throughout the day and can control the unnecessary food cravings.Some of the healthy breakfasts can be egg white, milk with cornflakes, fruit salad, 1 bowl of oats etc.

2. Fill your diet with veggies, fruits and lean protein

One of the best diet solutions for losing weight is to shift towards less calorie diet which consists of fruits, vegetables and lean protein. It is best to snack upon these items. Some of the meals can be baked vegetables, salad containing various fruits and green vegetables, low fat sandwich or an apple.

3. Try to avoid careless snacking

Eating something or the other throughout the day and that too without natural hunger, leads to a lot of weight gain. Some people have the habit of snacking something while watching television, doing work or at late night. Such mindless snacking can lead to weight gain. It is all about self-control and snacking on something healthy.

4. Avoid liquid calories

Another popular reason of weight gain is continuous consumption of sugary drinks like aerated drinks, preservative fruit juices and other flavoured drinks. These sweetened drinks cause a lot of weight gain. This is most common in summers, when we drink aerated drinks in abundance to satisfy our thirst. It is better to replace these calorie filled beverages with water, coconut water and sugarless drinks.

How Rowing Machines Can Help With Effective Fitness?

The rowing machines might be rare in gyms, but they are hidden gems for an effective workout. Most people find rows of steppers, exercise bikes and treadmills as part of the cardio workout machine in any gym. However, if you find a rowing machine in any gym, it should be explored for the unique workouts that one can obtain on such a machine. Rowers are usually termed ergometers and are not found frequently in health clubs. Many do not know the way these machines can be utilized and hence, ignore these machines and lose out on a unique workout. With a rower you can achieve a workout that will help you burn considerable calories, get a unique cardiovascular workout and help you in building toned muscles as well.

The Different Benefits

Those who are experts in fitness point out that rowing machine can compete with cycling and running benefits. If you row, you would be spending about ten or fifteen percent more calories than cycling. With rowing you would be involve more muscles and get a workout for the entire body. The main muscles that are worked out with rowing machines are gluteal, hamstrings and quadriceps. You could also be engaging the arms, the back and shoulders, which get toned in the process. Besides the upper body, the core muscles are also targeted in these workouts. The abdominal muscles are worked out actively in these sessions. If you have problems with running or brisk walking due to the impact on the joints, rowing is a great option for you.

Unpopularity of Rowing

Even though rowing offers several benefits, many people are unsure about the use of these machines. If there are no trainers around, many are hesitant to use the machines and hence, they simply land up walking or running on the treadmill. Again, for those who wish to burn calories without much effort like walking on the treadmill and watching television at the same time, this is not an option with rowers as you would need to concentrate.

How to Row Right

The right position is to sit with knees bent, the arms and shoulders reaching forward and shins kept vertical. The drive phase consists of pushing the feet against the platform of the machine and then straightening the legs to the knees is slightly bent. The handle needs to be pulled back by bending the elbows as you lean back and keep your back straight. The recovery phase is to return to the position you started with. The motion of rowing needs to be continuous and fluid.

Workouts with Rowing

When you are starting off with rowing machines for fitness, it is recommended that you warm up initially for a period of five minutes. This should be followed by a workout of fifteen minutes and then take a five minute session to cool down. If you row steadily for fifteen minutes it is akin to an endurance workout, especially as rowers are fitted with varying resistance levels. This will help you perform high intensity interval training as well. You can vary the intensity and slow down or pick up the pace, thus exerting your muscles considerably within a shorter span of time. This can be done by putting in fifteen strokes at higher intensity and then rowing at fifty percent effort for thirty seconds. This could be followed by twenty strokes of maximum intensity followed by twenty five strokes to cool down and so forth. This routine can be varied and an effective workout will be gained in a small time span with a unique machine.

The Supplement Everyone Should Take

Who Needs Supplements?

Most of you know that I don’t recommend many supplements.

The majority of people will see incredible benefits from just eating a healthy and natural diet and adding supplements just confuses people.

For most people supplements aren’t close to the answer they need, adding a pill or powder to a bad diet reminds me of the saying “you can put lipstick on a pig, but its still a pig”

But there is one supplement that I will recommend to everyone no matter how good or bad their diet is.

Make sure you realize I’m still recommending cleaning up your diet whether you use this supplementation or not.

List of benefits from this “magic pill”

  • Decreased inflammation. This possibly wards off diseases of inflammation (such as heart disease, asthma, arthritis, macular degeneration).
  • Increased insulin sensitivity, if your body is more sensitive to insulin then it will make less after a meal. This is good. This means less fat storage.
  • Lower triglycerides and increase HDL (good cholesterol).
  • Improvements in your skin.
  • Increased fat loss. This supplement will help mobilize fat stores and have them ready to move.
  • Increased mental clarity and brain function. The ingredients have proven to help.
  • Benefits to pregnant women and health of unborn babies.
  • Helps prevent Alzheimers, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Something’s Fishy

Some of you may have recognized some of these benefits and put it together:

Fish Oil

The Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in fish oil will give you all of the benefits listed above with regular usage.

How Much To Take

Dosages as low as 1g (one capsule) per day have shown positive effects, but most recommendations are for 2-4g each day.

I have heard of dosages as high as 15-20g per day to dramatically increase fat loss in obese individuals. This isn’t cost effective in the long run, but for a real jump start on a weight loss routine it can be a good strategy.

Fish Oil, The Magic Pill.

When To Take It

Take fish oil capsules with your meals. If you are taking more than 2g each day then its best to spread it out over more than one meal.

What To Look For

Make sure that the fish oil says it is Omega-3 Fish Oil. Look for the amount of EPA and DHA on the label, these are Omega-3 Fatty Acids. The cheapest brand is not worth purchasing, it would be like getting a McDonald’s hamburger instead of a filet mignon.

Now that you know the many benefits of fish oil and how much to take the last thing you need to know is.

Where To Get It

  • Locally in supplement stores like Tommy K’s or Vitamin Shoppe.
  • Online look for brands such as Nordic Naturals and Biotest on sites like or even
  • I can send it over to you. I’ve worked out a deal with a top supplement company to be able to ship directly to clients of Infinity Fitness. Ask me for more info if you’re interested.

And now you know. Enjoy all of the great benefits of this true magic pill.

Three Ways the Biggest Loser Can Help You

Lots of people know about the TV show the Biggest Loser.

The Biggest Loser

Its pretty much a caricature of weight loss. You get these morbidly obese people (hey, its a medical term people!) and these over the top trainers, the participants get grueling workouts that last hours and hours. Its pretty much an exaggeration of what any normal person would look like or go through.

So what could you actually learn from this show? I mean there are a few good reasons to watch, even if you’re not learning anything…

Nice to Watch … Probably Mute it Though

Here’s 3 things that can help you with your weight loss efforts without celebrity trainers, hundreds of pounds to lose, and hours in the gym each day:

Diet Can’t Be Ignored

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show, but these guys who drop 10lbs regularly each week will sometimes go off the deep end and dive into some junk food. I mean, these guys go to town!

They will still absolutely kill themselves working hard each and every day and come weigh in, they will have barely lost anything or even gained weight! After a full week packed with long workouts each day.

You can’t outwork a crappy diet, even with Jillian Michaels screaming obscenities in your face!

Even for a Biggest Loser, Fat Loss Is Not Linear

Most everyone that goes on the Biggest Loser has at least 100lbs to lose and with that amount of excess fat on their body it should mean that they are dropping quite a bit of weight week in and week out.

Sometimes despite all of their efforts exercising each day and eating right they still don’t drop the amount of weight that they expect.

This is because your body has more going on then calories in and calories out. Go ask someone with a thyroid disorder if its always that easy. Hormones and other factors play a big part in weight loss and you can’t count on a steady number each week.

You Can Work Harder Than You Think

One thing that always strikes me about that show is that the contestants, who are about 4 weeks removed from being completely sedentary, are working to the point of collapse doing things that some people I know would quit on!

How Bad Do You Want It?

This is a testament to how much they want to achieve their goals and how much harder they can work than they ever thought going into their experience on the show.

If you can put these three lessons to work in your fat loss efforts then the over-the-top Biggest Loser can relate some important information that can make the different and really help you achieve your goals. You can also check out our own Darien version of the Biggest Loser that we held.